«Migration Report»

Migration Report 2013

The Migration Report delivers insight into the main fields of activity of the Federal Office for Migration, puts them into national and international context and contains important statistical information.


«Statistics from the Aliens and Asylum Sector»

Statistics from the Aliens and Asylum Sector 2012


Final Report of the «Integrated Border Management» Strategy Group

Final Report of the «Integrated Border Management» Strategy Group

On 1 June 2012, the Federal Council approved the IBM Strategy jointly formulated by federal and cantonal representatives. The strategy consolidates all federal and cantonal activities to combat illegal migration, human trafficking and transnational crime. A further purpose of the strategy is to facilitate border-crossing for people entering Switzerland legitimately.


«The Federal Office for migration – its tasks in focus»

Foreigners and asylum seekers in Switzerland
Federal Office for Migration FOM: Activities at a glance

In just 20 pages, this A5 booklet gives an overview of the various tasks of the Federal Office for Migration and presents the main facts and procedures, from entry into Switzerland to naturalisation. The brochure serves as a mouthpiece for the Federal Office for Migration, showing the wide variety of subject areas covered by its employees. It also includes numerous photos, up-to-date statistics concerning migration and a foreword by FOM Director Mario Gattiker, making it interesting reading for all those who wish to learn more about the work of the Federal Office for Migration.


«Welcome to Switzerland»

Welcome to Switzerland
Information for new residents arriving from abroad


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«Switzerland – EU»

Switzerland – EU
The extension of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons to the new EU countries.


«European Nationals in Switzerland»

European Nationals in Switzerland
Information on the Free Movement of Persons.


«EURES: Sojourn in Switzerland»

EURES: Sojourn in Switzerland

  • Country
  • History
  • Political system
  • Population
  • Stay
  • Rights
  • Permits


«EURES: Everyday life in Switzerland»

EURES: Everyday life in Switzerland

  • Living in Switzerland
  • Things to remember on your arrival in Switzerland
  • Important addresses


«EURES: Working in Switzerland»

EURES: Working in Switzerland

  • Economy
  • Looking for employment in Switzerland
  • Employment contract


«EURES: The Swiss social security system»

EURES: The Swiss social security system

  • The Swiss social security system
  • Health insurance
  • Welfare assistance


«The Work of the ILR»

The Work of the ILR

The Inter-Agency Steering Committee on Return Assistance (ILR) is the body that decides whether reintegration programmes, structural projects and projects to prevent irregular migration should be carried out in partner countries as a complement to return assistance activities. The ILR is headed by Federal Office for Migration (FOM) and by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and makes an important contribution to inter-agency cooperation within the context of migration. The document presents the work of the ILR and is available in three languages (d, f, e).


«Swiss social insurance system»

Swiss Social insurance system:
Sojourn in Switzerland and departure

Information for foreign nationals

The pamphlet explains the elements of the Swiss social insurance systems, i.e. the Swiss old-age, survivors’ and disability insurance (AHV/IV, 1st pillar) and the occupational benefit plans (2nd pillar). It gives you practical information when planning your definitive departure from Switzerland.

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