Press Release (31.07.2014, FOM)
Migration Report 2013 published
Bern. Restructuring in the asylum sector, a week of action against trafficking in human beings, and the admission of groups of Syrian refugees are just some of the issues that the Federal Office for Migration (FOM) dealt with in 2013. The Migration Report 2013, which was published today, contains numbers and statistics, along with reports on the FOM's various activities.

Press Release (04.07.2014, FOM)
Switzerland and IGAD sign framework agreement on partnership and cooperation
Bern. The Swiss ambassador in Ethiopia, Andrea Semadeni, and the executive secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Mahboub Maalim, have signed a framework agreement on partnership and cooperation between Switzerland and IGAD today in Addis Ababa. The agreement, which comes into force with today's signing, provides for increased cooperation between Switzerland and IGAD in the Horn of Africa in food security, migration, peace and security, as well as in the field of science.

Press Release (20.06.2014, FDJP)
Federal Council presents concept for implementing the new article on immigration
Bern. On Friday, the Federal Council approved the concept for implementing the new article of the Federal Constitution on immigration. The concept outlines how the Federal Council will set the quantitative limits and quotas for controlling migration to Switzerland from February 2017. The Federal Council will base its decision not only on the needs reported by the cantons, but also on the analyses of an advisory committee. Social partners will also be consulted. Quotas will apply to all types of permit valid for four months or more. To meet the needs of the labour market, it is planned to foster and exploit the potential of the workforce already available in Switzerland. The proposals are set out in the Federal Council's concept for implementing the new provisions of the Constitution on immigration. In the concept, which it approved on Friday, the Federal Council lays down important benchmarks for the draft legislation due to follow at the end of year.

Press Release (26.05.2014, FOM)
Arrest of two asylum seekers in Sri Lanka: results of review process now available
Bern. In the summer of 2013, two Sri Lankan nationals whose asylum applications had been rejected in Switzerland were arrested upon their return to Sri Lanka. The Federal Office for Migration (FOM) immediately responded at the time and ordered a suspension of all removal orders relating to Sri Lankan nationals. At the same time, it launched an internal and external review process to determine how the asylum applications from these two Sri Lankan nationals had been handled. Assessors identified shortcomings at various stages in the handling of both asylum applications. The combination of these factors resulted in an incorrect assessment of the personal risk to which the asylum seekers were exposed. The FOM regrets the outcome in both cases. The reports drafted upon completion of this review process suggest various corrective measures that the FOM has already begun implementing or has already implemented. The FOM has also adapted its practices for the granting of asylum and the issuance of removal orders for Sri Lankan nationals to reflect the current situation. The safeguards are now in place for suspension of removal orders to be lifted. All asylum seekers for whom a removal order had been issued will now have their asylum applications re-examined on the basis of updated criteria enabling determination of their current level of risk.