Entering Switzerland

People travel to other countries for a wide variety of reasons: to have a holiday, to visit friends, to work, to study, or to come to live with their family. If you want to enter Switzerland, you will have to meet various requirements depending on the purpose and length of your stay, and you nationality. In every case, it is worth finding out what the requirements are well in advance of your journey, so that you can, for example, apply in good time for any identity documents or visa that may be needed.
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Free movement of persons: Switzerland - EU/EFTA

With the expansion of the European Union to include ten new member states, the bilateral agreements with Switzerland very also extended quite considerably. 450 million people now have access to the European internal market. After quotas for the number of work permits issued were imposed in April 2013 for one year by invoking the safeguard clause in the free movement regulations, immigration is set to be restricted permanently by quotas following the decision by Swiss voters to accept the "Stop mass immigration" initiative and thereby bring a complete change in migration policy.
Free movement of persons Switzerland - EU/EFTA Free movement of persons Switzerland - EU/EFTA