Federal Office for Migration

Required and Optional Application Documents

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The Federal Office for Migration and the cantonal employment services will handle applications only if submitted in full. Please ensure, therefore, that you send all of the following documents:

Documents in general
Cantonal application form
  • Application forms differ from canton to canton. Most cantons make their application forms available online for printout. A number of cantons allows for online application.
Photocopy of passport data page
  • Indispensable for correct registration of personal data
Particular documents required by the cantons
  • You may apply directly to the appropriate office in the cantons for information on requirements aside from the below documents.

  • Confirmation of a vacancy advertised by the Regional Employment Offices (RAV) and in EURES (European Employment Services cooperation network). Inform your RAV adviser.
  • Photocopies of job advertisements published in professional magazines, trade papers, and Swiss national newspapers and magazines. 
  • Evidence of customary efforts made to obtain employment
  • Internet job advertisements; confirmation of job advertisement by an employment agent 
  • Applications received and reasons why applicants were turned down (ask RAV advisers to provide questionnaires)

Personal requirements
  • Curriculum vitae (chronological style) 
  • Proof of qualification (diplomas, certificates) 
  • Photocopies of diplomas and certificates (if not issued in one of Switzerland’s official languages or in English, a translation of these documents is required)
  • Further information on the institutions where education was received; period of education and subjects of learning (e.g. study plan, degrees received, subjects and grades)

Reason for the application
  • State the reasons why a particular vacancy needs filling; job description or job duties of the position to be filled; particulars on the business enterprise offering the vacancy.
Project operations – additional documents required
  • Evidence of the order received (contract for work or confirmation of order)
  • Project description 
  • Implementation plan 
  • Extra requirements in employee leasing: authorization for leasing of manpower; manpower leasing contract and project operation contract
Business startup – Additional documents required
  • Charter, certificate of incorporation
  • Three-year business plan, intended management organization, personnel development, financing (budgeting/outlay/revenue), trade-specific information

Salary/terms and conditions of employment
  • Contract of employment (must be signed at least by employer; the contract is considered binding by the authorities) or employee transfer confirmation by the employer stating salary, expatriation allowance, and expense allowance