Federal Office for Migration

Young professionals (trainees)

Switzerland has concluded so-called trainee agreements with various countries in order to enable young professionals (trainees) to extend their occupational and linguistic skills in Switzerland. Work permits can be granted for a maximum of 18 months:

Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, USA

To qualify as young professionals, nationals of these countries must have concluded vocational training or be in possession of a related degree. The agreement with Canada also admits students for working stays in connection with their education, whereas the agreement with Japan admits graduates only. Age limit: 35 years (exceptions: Australia, New Zealand and Russia: 30 years).

A traineeship is part of further education. Young professionals are required to work in the occupation that they have learned or in their study major. Part-time work or working as a self-employed person are not permitted. Young professionals must be paid in accordance with the rates that are customary for the location and the industry.

Admission to work in Switzerland under the international trainee exchange agreements is granted according to Art. 30 of the Foreign Nationals Act and Art. 42 of the Ordinance on Admission, Residence and Employment.

Finding a vacancy is essentially in the trainees responsibility. The application must be submitted to the competent authorities in the trainees’ home country.

In the margin you will find further information on the admission procedure as well as the official application form and a standard employment contract.

Brazil and Tunisia

Switzerland has signed agreements on the exchange of young professionals with Brazil (13 October 2011) and Tunisia (11 June 2012). However, since these agreements have not yet become effective, no applications can be received for the time being. Once these agreements have become effective, this website will provide you with further information.