Federal Office for Migration

Worldwide migration / Analysis

More and more people are leaving their homes, hoping to find a better place to live elsewhere. The increase in global mobility enables an ever-growing number of people to reach distant countries or other continents. Their favourite destinations are countries with a high standard of living and prosperity.
No country is able to cope with an arbitrary number of foreigners. Most states protect the interests of the native population by means of strict immigration legislation. The majority of these nations recognize their obligation to grant protection and asylum to those persecuted.

The Federal Office for Migration (FOM) needs to be well informed about the countries of origin as well as the destinations of asylum seekers.
Thus, for example, the FOM follows happenings in the countries of origin and transit at political, social and economic level. This information helps the FOM to assess the situation in the various countries and enables us to make the most objective decisions possible. Furthermore, the FOM follows events in the target countries, carries out evaluations of worldwide migratory flows and forecasts future trends.

Finally, in co-operation with external institutions at home and abroad, the FOM is entrusted with undertaking research on migration questions.