Federal Office of Police

International police co-operation

Criminals do not stop at national borders. That is why international police co-operation, which is extremely important and will become more so in the future, is vital. For many years Switzerland has been committed to working together with its international partners through the following channels:

  • Global, multilateral co-operation via Interpol
  • Bilateral police co-operation agreements with individual states
  • European multilateral co-operation via Europol

Co-operation via Interpol and via police agreements is being continually strengthened. The third pillar (European co-operation) is strengthened by Switzerland joining the Schengen agreement, which was approved by the Swiss electorate on 5 June 2005.

The Federal Office of Police (fedpol) is the central agency for international police co-operation. Fedpol helps to build up and maintain contacts between the cantonal police and law enforcement agencies, and between them and international partners. Several divisions within fedpol, such as the Federal Criminal Police, the Federal Security Service, the Services Division and the Main Division International Police Cooperation IPC, are charged with various aspects of international co-operation.