Switzerland asks the US to extradite Borodin

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Press Release, FOJ, 05.02.2001

On behalf of the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ), the Swiss Embassy in Washington has today submitted the formal extradition request for Pavel Borodin to the US authorities.

The request is based on two arrest warrants issued on 10 January 2000 and on 24 January 2001, respectively, by the Geneva Examining Magistrates, who are conducting a criminal proceeding against Borodin on account of money laundering and participation in a criminal organisation. On 17 January 2001, Borodin was arrested on the basis of a Swiss request for arrest dated January 31 2000 and was put in provisional detention pending extradition.

Extraditions between Switzerland and the US are carried out on the basis of the bilateral extradition treaty of 1990, which replaced the old agreement dating back to 1900. The new treaty has simplified extradition procedures and extended the obligation to extradite. Instead of a conclusive list of extraditable offences, there is a provision whereby extradition will be approved for any criminal offence if it is punishable under the laws of both countries by deprivation of liberty for a period exceeding one year.

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