Statement: Arrest of Roman Polanski

Keywords: Extradition

Information, FDJP, 27.09.2009

  • Roman Polanski was arrested on Saturday evening on entering Switzerland and was placed in provisional pre-extradition detention based on a US arrest warrant. 
  • Roman Polanski is wanted by the US authorities on the charge of committing a sexual act with a minor, specifically in a case dating from 1977 involving a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles. 
  • The US authorities have been searching for Roman Polanski worldwide since the end of 2005. 
  • A US arrest warrant against Roman Polanski has existed since 1978. 
  • A decision as to whether or not Roman Polanski will actually be extradited to the USA will only be made once extradition proceedings have been completed. An appeal against pre-extradition detention and a decision to extradite can be submitted to the Federal Criminal Court. Those decisions can in turn be taken further to the Federal Supreme Court. 
  • Due to the ongoing nature of these proceedings no further information can be given at the present time.

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