Migration Report 2013 published

Bern. Restructuring in the asylum sector, a week of action against trafficking in human beings, and the admission of groups of Syrian refugees are just some of the issues that the Federal Office for Migration (FOM) dealt with in 2013. The Migration Report 2013, which was published today, contains numbers and statistics, along with reports on the FOM's various activities.

What measures is the FOM taking to combat trafficking in human beings? And what is Switzerland doing to support refugees from Syria? Would you like examples of specific integration projects? You can find detailed answers to all these questions in the Migration Report 2013, which was published today.

Take the example of restructuring in the asylum sector: asylum procedures should become quicker but at the same time remain fair. For this to happen, all those involved in the asylum process should be in the same place. This means that in future, most procedures will be carried out in federal centres. To achieve this, the Confederation is to make 5000 accommodation places available for asylum seekers in six regions. In 2013, the FOM planned pilot trials in Zurich in order to test out the procedures.

A further example is the aid offered to people from Syria: last year, the Federal Department of Justice and Police decided to ease visa requirements for Syrian citizens. By the end of 2013, a total of 1154 Syrians had arrived in Switzerland. Families affected by the war have been able to leave the crisis region quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy in order to seek temporary refuge in Switzerland.

The Migration Report 2013 provides information on the full range of activities carried out by the Federal Office for Migration.

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