Visa waiver agreements

Visa waiver agreements govern the reciprocal exemption from the visa requirement for non-working stays of up to 90 days within a180-day period.

Through its participation in the Schengen cooperation, Switzerland has pledged to follow the same rules and practice as the European Union (EU) for issuing visas for stays of less than three months. If the EU signs a visa waiver agreement with a third country, Switzerland is obliged under the Schengen cooperation to also waive the visa requirement for citizens of the country in question. However, as Switzerland is not a member of the EU, Swiss citizens are not included in the EU’s visa waiver agreements. So as to guarantee freedom of travel for Swiss citizens on a contractual basis, Switzerland seeks to conclude its own bilateral visa waiver agreements. It may happen, however, that the third country’s conditions for entry and stay of Swiss citizens are already the same as those for EU citizens. In this case, there is no need to sign a separate bilateral visa waiver agreement.

Signed agreements

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Last modification 26.03.2020

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