Resettled refugees enjoy the same cantonal integration measures and services as other refugees and asylum seekers. While the first programmes from 2013 were supplemented by specific integration measures, the measures have been implemented within the framework of the Integration Agenda Switzerland since it was launched on 1 May 2019.

Pre-departure orientation

A further measure now being taken in the first-asylum countries is preparing refugees for living in Switzerland. During an intensive three-day pre-departure orientation course, refugee groups learn about life in Switzerland, their perspectives and duties, Switzerland’s expectations regarding integration, socio-cultural and intercultural issues, social values and norms and their reception and integration process.

Specific Integration Programme 2017-2021 (Federal Council decree of 9 December 2016)

The Specific Integration Programme aims to help the refugees to integrate and to support the cantons. The bulk of funding earmarked by the Federal Council for the programme (Federal Council Decree of 9 December 2016) is allocated to the cantons on the basis of performance agreements. The programme contains the following additional integration measures:

  • Coaching support for refugees for two years in the canton they are allocated to. This includes supervision, schooling, language classes, organizing support from the local community, preparation for professional integration, and healthcare,
  • Establishment of a personal integration roadmap for each refugee,
  • Information for refugees in the canton
  • And networking with local volunteers.

Integration Agenda Switzerland

Since 1 May 2019, integration measures for resettled refugees have been carried out as part of the Integration Agenda Switzerland IAS. The federal government and the cantons have agreed on a joint approach and various objectives for successfully integrating all recognised refugees and temporarily admitted persons into society and for helping them find work. The lessons learned from the specific resettlement integration programmes have been incorporated into Integration Agenda Switzerland and have helped improve measures for all temporarily admitted persons and recognised refugees.

Integration Agenda Switzerland provides a full range of information and support services. This includes detailed initial information and an assessment of individual integration needs by specialists; personalised counselling throughout the initial integration process; specific measures to support labour market inclusion and job coaching for people between 16 and 49 years of age; and fostering dialogue with Swiss society in a bid to successfully achieve social inclusion.


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