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Switzerland has one of the world’s strongest and most competitive economies. It is world-renowned in fields such as training, research and innovation, as well as for its industrial and service sectors companies. Switzerland’s numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, which focus on niche strategies, regularly score top marks in innovation, adding to the country’s attraction as an economic hub. Stable economic and political conditions are further factures that contribute to the appeal of the Swiss labour market.

Switzerland has a dual system for the admission of foreign workers.

  • Gainfully employed nationals from the EU/EFTA States have easier access to the Swiss labour market, thanks to the Free Movement of Persons Agreement
  • Only a limited number of management level employees, specialists and other qualified employees are admitted from all other countries.

On this page you can find details about working in Switzerland if you are from an EU/EFTA state.

You can also find details on the admission requirements for nationals from non-EU/EFTA states or how you can gain valuable experience as a young professional trainee in Switzerland.

If you have applied for asylum in Switzerland, been recognised as a refugee or been granted a temporary residence permit, you can find helpful information on accessing the labour market and becoming integrated in the workforce.

Last modification 01.11.2018

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