Individual return assistance

Individual return assistance is aimed at any person involved in an asylum situation. It is adapted to meet the needs of people who want to return voluntarily to their countries of origin. Individual return assistance is only available to return to countries for which a visa is required.

The services offered as part of individual return assistance are:

  • Counselling and help to organise the return
  • Payment of travelling expenses
  • A maximum basic payment of CHF 1000 per adult (CHF 500 per child)
  • An individual supplementary assistance payment of up to CHF 3000 to help implement a plan to reintegrate into society and find suitable work.
  • When leaving from the cantons, supplementary assistance of up to CHF 5,000 for special reintegration needs (e.g. professional and housing needs, cases of hardship or large families)
  • Individual return assistance for medical reasons: purchase of medicines and/or coverage of treatment following return, medical escorts

A payment of CHF 100 per adult is also provided to cover expenditure relating to the journey. By way of exception, this amount can be increased to CHF 500 for a single person and CHF 1000 for a family.



Return assistance communication


Last modification 26.04.2021

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