Acquisition of property by foreign non-residents

The acquisition of property in Switzerland by foreign nationals, companies domiciled abroad or companies domiciled in Switzerland that are under foreign control is governed by the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Immovable Property in Switzerland by Foreign Non-Residents (ANRA; also known as the Lex Koller). It generally requires authorisation from the competent cantonal authority.

Enforcement of ANRA is therefore primarily a matter for the canton in which the property is located. An authority designated by the canton decides whether a transaction requires authorisation and whether authorisation should be granted. Authorisation can only be granted on the grounds set out in ANRA and, where applicable, the related cantonal legislation. Whether a transaction requires authorisation depends on the circumstances of the individual case.

Further questions regarding the authorisation requirement for specific transactions must be addressed directly to the authorisation authority of the canton in which a property is to be acquired. The contact details are as follows:

It should also be noted that owning a property in Switzerland does not entitle the foreign national(s) concerned to a residence permit. Any questions about obtaining a residence permit should be addressed to the State Secretariat for Migration SEM or the immigration authorities in the relevant canton.

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