Our employees work according to common values and principles.
These values shape our culture.

fedpol’s six values :


As an authority with special powers, we are conscious at all times of our role and the consequences of our actions. We live by our values.


We are committed to the welfare of Switzerland and its people.


Our staff, tasks and functions are many and various. This diversity is our strength. Together we are one.


We belong to a large national and international network of partners, working together for the common cause.


Our work is shaped by fast-changing situations and a wide range of mandates. This requires us to be forward-thinking and flexible in our response.


Personal responsibility requires give and take. For the management this means being bold in its decisions, having confidence in its staff and dealing with mistakes in a constructive manner. For the staff it means playing a proactive part and taking on responsibility.

Last modification 05.06.2020

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