Example 4 – Legal stay: several entries under a 90-day "multiple entries" visa

Entry Departure
01.06.2013     13.07.2013
15.08.2013     30.09.2013
01.01.2014     30.01.2014

Important: with multiple stays, it can be helpful to use the calculator to first determine the period of reference so that only the relevant stays are entered into the calculator. For simple cases, however, this is not absolutely necessary.

The 180-day period of reference can be calculated in the following manner:
Select the "Planning" option and enter "Date of entry/control". Then click on "Calculate".

The travel document of a third-state national was checked upon the departure from the Geneva Airport. This travel document has a 90-day "multiple entries" visa as well as the following entry and exit stamps:

The stay from June to July does not fall within the 180-day period of reference and must not be included in the calculation of maximum allowable days.

Select the "Control" option to calculate the legal stay within the Schengen Area for a person departing on 30 January 2014. Once both of the two stays from August to September 2013 and from 01 to 30 January 2014 have been entered, click on "Calculate" to determine whether and for how long the person is legally permitted to remain within the Schengen Area:

The stay in January was legal because the duration of that stay did not reach the maximum threshold of 90 days within a 180-day period. The person could have remained within the Schengen Area until 31 March 2014.

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