Stage 5 - After completion of sentence

Services responsible

  • Federal Intelligence Service (FIS)
  • Prison and probation services
  • Migration authorities and social welfare services
  • Cantonal and communal police
  • Child and adult protection services
  • State Secretariat for Migration (SEM)
  • Federal Office of Police fedpol

Instruments available

  • Detection and prevention of terrorist threats by the FIS
  • FIS analysis of intelligence on terrorist activities
  • Preventive dialogue by the FIS
  • Surveillance by the FIS
  • Preparation of reports by the FIS for the OAG, SEM and fedpol
  • Expulsion (Art. 68 FNIA) and entry ban (Art. 67 FNIA) by fedpol if a danger exists to internal or external security
  • Mandatory expulsion by the courts for offences committed after 1 October 2016
  • Revocation of citizenship for dual nationals (Art. 42 Swiss Citizenship Act SCA and Art. 30 Swiss Citizenship Ordinance SCO)
  • Revocation of residence permit
  • Police measures based on cantonal law
  • Support by social welfare authorities
  • Disengagement support
  • Cantonal threat management
  • National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (NAP), including national Incentive Programme to support projects by the cantons, communes and civil society
  • New police measures under PMT law that can be applied outside of criminal proceedings or after completion of a sentence or measures (see Stage 2)


Last modification 05.06.2024

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