Electromagnetic compatibility


With the rapid development of mobile communication, electromagnetic radiations have dramatically increased in our environment. In order to preserve our health as well as to guarantee the proper behaviour of electronic equipment, it is necessary to have strong requirements concerning the emissions and the immunity of devices to electromagnetic radiations. The traceable measurement of electromagnetic radiation is an important task to check that these requirements are fulfilled.

To provide references that allow to measure electromagnetic fields and to check the conformity of electric devices is an important task of the laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility.

The emc laboratory supports test, calibration laboratories, and authorities with a broad portfolio of services:

• Emc tests
• Calibration of electromagnetic field measuring instruments and of instruments for emc testing
• Consulting in emc testing
• Expertise in measurements of mobile base-stations.



• antenna
• field probe
• current probe
• coupling-decoupling network
• absorbing clamp
• injection clamp
• anechoic chamber
• shunts for pulse measurements

EMC testing

• immunity according to household, industry, automotive requirements
• emissions


• for EMC testing
• for EMC measuring instruments (e.g.. pulse generators)
• for ONIR measurements

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Proficiency testing

  • Proficiency testing

    METAS provides proficiency testing in EMC (Electro-Magnetic compatibility) according to ISO 17043.

Research and development

With the aid of research and development projects, we keep our measurement facilities and expertise at the forefront of technology. In the course of this we work with other metrology institutes, universities and industry.  

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