Generally speaking, temperature is one of the most important and most frequently measured physical quantities. Practically all of the mechanical, electrical, magnetic and optical properties of matter are more or less temperature-dependent. Thus, it is necessary to also determine the temperature in connection with most measurements of other quantities. Simultaneously, this temperature dependency itself forms the basis for many techniques used to measure temperature.

In terms of practical usage, thermometry is closely linked to all key areas of industry as well as the energy sector, biology, medicine and meteorology. At the same time, temperature is very often an important operational and control parameter in many experiments across all domains of research.

The “Thermometry” laboratory at METAS (part of the “Electricity: DC and Low Frequency” laboratory) works to ensure traceability of thermal measurands to the International System of Units (SI). To this end, the laboratory realises the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90), which currently provides a practical foundation worldwide for the Kelvin unit. This is done at METAS in the temperature range from –189 °C to 660 °C by utilising the melting, freezing and triple points of various high-purity substances (“temperature fixed points”). Various services are developed and offered on this basis.


Our range of services includes extremely accurate thermometric calibration as well as consulting in the area of thermometry.

- Calibration of resistance thermometers at fixed points (–189 °C to 660 °C)

- Calibration of resistance thermometers, thermocouples and temperature gauges with indicators using the comparison method (–196 °C / –90 °C to 660 °C)

- Dry block calibrators (–100 °C to 660 °C)

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Research & development

We keep our measurement facilities and expertise at the forefront of technology with the aid of research and development projects. This enables us to offer the required services and promote innovation in the years to come. In the course of this, we work with other metrology institutes, universities and industry. We are involved in European projects as part of the EMPIR research programme.
As a research partner of Innosuisse, we can assist with various projects. We are interested in cooperating with industry in the field of thermometry.

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