A prepackage is the quantity of a product which has been measured and placed in a package without the purchaser being present. Usually, the prepackage comprises the product and the individual wrapping in which it is packed.  

A differentiation is made between prepackages of the same nominal contents... 

... and prepackages of variable contents (random pre-packages). 

The manufacurers of prepackages are legally bound to specify the net weight of goods for sale.

Most goods in shops today are prepackaged (prepackages) and get weighed in absence of the customer. How such prepackages must be measured and given the quantity of the content and how goods are to be measured in open sale, are set in two regulations:

  • The regulation from September 5, 2012 upon the quantitative indicaton in open sale and upon prepackages (Mengenangabenverordnung (MeAV, SR 941.204)
  • The regulation of the FDJP from September 10, 2012 upon the quantitivae indication in open sale and upon prepackages (MeAV-EJPD, SR 941.204.1).  

The cantonal bureau of weights and measures are responsible for inspections and the market surveillance of prepackages.

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