Vehicle lighting

Lighting Equipment for Road Vehicles

As part of the safety package pertaining to road vehicles, headlights, rear lights, and signal lamps have to meet legal requirements. This also applies to equipment that was already approved but has been modified.

Swiss Conformity Assessment Body

METAS has been conducting design tests on road vehicle lighting in accordance with Swiss legislation for over 30 years. On 1 June 2003, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) discontinued the Swiss approval procedure for road vehicle lighting and appointed METAS as the Swiss conformity evaluation centre. Individuals or companies domiciled in Switzerland can submit applications for Swiss conformity assessments directly to METAS. If the requirements are met, Swiss conformity certificates will be issued. Cantonal authorities can access information regarding METAS-approved equipment via an information system. FEDRO is responsible for international approvals.

ECE Test Centre

Since 1996, METAS has also been conducting lighting design tests according to the regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). In 1958, the Agreement Concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions of Approval and Reciprocal Recognition of Approval for Motor Vehicle Equipment and Parts came into force under the auspices of the ECE. Today, the agreement includes over 110 test regulations. Around one third of these cover lighting requirements for motor vehicles and trailers. While Switzerland signed this agreement in 1973, ECE-certified motor vehicle lighting equipment had not required a separate Swiss design test any more as early as three years prior to this.

Designated EC Test Centre

Based on the ordinance regarding design approvals for road vehicles (TGV) of 19 June 1995 and the agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the European Community regarding the mutual recognition of conformity evaluation centres, METAS was designated as a test center for vehicule components by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO).

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